Petition to Force Government Debate on Cannabis Launched

A petition has been launched which, if the 100,000 signature mark is reached, will force the UK parliament to debate the merits of cannabis legalisation.

The petition reads as follows:

“A desire for the House of Commons to give a comprehensive debate regarding the merits of legalising cannabis. A need for Parliament to discuss the consequences of legalisation on health, the police force, the economy and our civil liberties. An aim to classify cannabis in line with drugs such as alcohol and tobacco.”

The official government website is struggling to handle the traffic, but please keep trying.    In only 6 Days over 4000 signatures have been collected, the amount required for the UK Parliaments to hold a debate on the merits of legalisation should easily be achieved within the 12 month limit.

Cognitive Liberty UK implores you to defend your civil liberties and make yourself heard by signing this petition. Every little bit of pressure we can put on the government is significant in whatever form it takes. Never give up, we can do this!

Click here to view & sign the Petition (

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