Greece to Decriminalise Drugs

Amidst massive economic strain, countries seek to dispense with unnecessary and wasteful services. In this spirit, Greece has decided to call a cease-fire on its war on drugs; following the success story of Portugal’s complete decriminalisationof drug use Greece is to become the second EU nation to re-instate its citizen’s cognitive liberty to use recreational and psychedelic drugs.

 “Justice Minister Miltiadis Papaioannoupresented to the Greek Parliament the basic ideas of a new law concerning drugs. He announced that, for the first time, drug use will be fully decriminalized in Greece, on the condition that the drugs used harm only the behavior and the condition of the user. However, the Minister noted, the possession and supply of drugs and cultivating of cannabis remain punishable actions.

Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine, Intoxication, Hedonism and Ecstacy was said to be "Overjoyed" by the news. Revival of Eleusinian Mysteries expected.

The Minister explained that these actions would be now regarded as misdemeanors, as long as it effects only the user and no others. Minister Papaioannou noted that the law had to be changed because of the minor danger of specific actions. In this way, police will have the ability to deal more quickly and easily with more severe issues. The Minister stressed that the law has a therapeutic approach to the issue and every drug user will be treated as an addicted person who needs help rather than punishment.” (Source)

Greece will, no doubt, enjoy boosts to its tourist industry as members of other nations visit to make use of its new liberties. Aside from this, in the long run Greece stands to reduce its rather expensive prison population by one third. Many of those who would be imprisoned can now become contributing, tax-paying, members of society, whilst continuing to use drugs. Vast amounts of man-power can be put to better things now that burdensome drug laws no longer need to be enforced. Cognitive Liberty UK hopes that UK politicians will see the good sense in Greece’s new strategy, and will consider it as an addition to our own austerity measures.

As more and more nations seek to retreat from the war on drugs, the global project becomes more and more onerous and expensive for the nations who continue to fight it. We predict that by 2020, at least five more EU nations will decriminalise personal drug use.


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