Berkshire Cannabis Community

The Berkshire Cannabis Community is Berkshires newest and only cannabis community group. Starting from the ground up we hope to facilitate some positive change and be a means of communication for a community that – because of the unjust prohibition of cannabis, has been driven underground .

Being back in California has made me realise that they are so much further ahead then we are ourselves in the UK and it got me thinking why is this? I think that its partly due to the way the political system in the US works, but that the main reason is. And importantly its something we can start to implement in the UK –  a place where we have some huge room to grown on -is the motivation of activists.

Activists in California have mobilised and are much more willing to stand up and speak out against prohibition.  It is because of this i have set up a new community organisation for those in my local area. I really feel it’s about time we started to mobilise out own forces making some positive change on cannabis laws in the Berkshire area. Cannabis is medicine and cannabis is a safer recreational alternative to both of the “Legal drugs” ; Tobacco and alcohol. It is a unjust law that puts a person in prison for a personal choice. No victim no crime. We are in the process of starting bi-weekly meetings in the Berkshire area. Anyone interested should look us up on face book or email me at

Clear cant do this alone Berkshire residents we need your help. Please get in contact with Berkshire cannabis community. Together we can make some change.


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