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Cognitive Liberty UK

REGENERATION is a 3-day residential event at which everyone will be a participant. A festival unlike any other, it will integrate live and interactive arts, live music, expanded cinema & multimedia installations with academic talks and discussions, all with the intent of exploring altered states of consciousness through creativity, intelligence and mutual co-operation. Participants are encouraged to camp at the event site to establish a sense of community and ‘regenerate’.

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Psychedelic Press UK

Clever little blighters us human beings, very pushy at getting what we want, and now with the skills of science and chemistry, employed in the pursuit of profit, we can make all manner of ‘stuff’; easily and conveniently

Use of chemical ‘stuff’ has quietly crept up on us, especially during the last century or two, though it has always been there historically. Our cultural history is rife with potent potions and cures, brewed and distilled from all manner of unlikely ingredients; animal parts, poppies and wild plants, patent remedies, sacraments and poisons too. But now, the extent of the ‘stuffs’ is colossal but is very often veiled in semi-secrecy or, indeed, completely denied.

The simple fact is that we live in a drug-soaked chemical society; prescription drugs, drugs for leisure and hedonism, harmful and curing drugs, chemicals added to food and drink, sweeteners, flavourings, preservatives, organic and natural or synthesised…

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