The Fallacy of Drug Prohibition

A periodical take on philosophical dilemmas

When people talk about the ‘war on drugs’ they commonly refer to the campaign of prohibition and foreign financial and military intervention, by the United States Government, arguably starting in the late 1960’s under President Nixon and continuing to the present day. Here I will instead use this term to refer to the prohibition of some recreational drugs throughout not only the UK and US, but the majority of the world. I emphasise the word ‘some’, for it is fundamentally important to remember that governments have only chosen to control a select list of drugs for recreational use; and not every substance that has the ability to effect the mind has been classified. Therefore, it is not so much a ‘war on drugs’ per se, but a prohibition of those drugs that governments deem it is unacceptable – for one reason or another – for the consenting individual to consume…

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