Drug Prohibition: The American Inquisition

‘The Inquisition’ is one of those morbid curiosities of history. For centuries powerful religious authorities stretched the bounds of inhumanity in oppressing people whose ideologies either threatened their own, or merely differed from it.https://i0.wp.com/www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/images/Spain/inquisition.jpg

We look back in horror of what people will do to other people in the name of some funny old moral idea. I think that in two hundred years time, historians will be fascinated by the lengths the state went to in its attempts to control drug use. The shear harms it does to its own citizens through prohibition.

The war on drugs will be viewed as a political hysteria, a fad, a trick. It will be viewed as an unneccesary harm done to populations by the state. Historians may also come to understand that huge financial interests that motivate drug prohibition: just as in the Inquisition, this is all about a minority who have power, stopping at nothing to prevent the loss of that power.

Future generations will be shocked, as per usual, by humanity’s inhumanity, by man inhumanity to man.

Like the Witch-Trials and so many other moral hysterias: future generations will be bewildered by the irrationality, the moral-blindness, and the ignorance that underpins the war on some people who use some drugs.

As in the inquisitions of the past, the oppressing force does great violence in the name of an obscure moral principle: “taking drugs, even psychedelics, is morally wrong”. But isn’t it morally wrong to lock some one up when they did no harm to others? Isn’t that a greater harm? Isn’t it unjust to deprive people of their liberty and their prosperity simply for exploring their minds?

Our “leaders” are just people. What gives one of those individuals the power to tell you what you can and cannot do with your mind and body? People have explored this stuff for thousands of years, I cannot fathom why the state is so determined to control it.

In our time, it is no longer the Catholic Church who are the main oppressors of liberty. It is the police and the private prison industry, the alcohol and pharmaceutical corporations, the state representatives of the military-industrial complex, and the many economic powers reliant on keeping the population as blind consumerist slaves.
See: ‘Psychedelics: Consumer-Capitalism, Power & Authority’

These are the powers that be, the status quo. Drug prohibition is fueled by their interests: not your interests, nor the interests of wider society.

Like the inquisition,drug prohibition is a form of spiritual oppression.

Psychedelic drugs are known to bring about states of being that users describe as “spiritual”, the very word “psychedelic” means ‘soul revealing’. Many of the users experiment with psychedelics as a part of their personal spiritual practice and to imprison them for doing so is indefensible.

The Catholic Church felt the need to torture and murder the Cathars , a mystical gnostic Christian sect who advocated renouncing worldly goods, following the example of Jesus, and bypassing the corrupt organised religions, in order to get closer to God. It certainly sound pretty similar to our current situation with LSD: a drug used to bring about spiritual experiences, but experiences that also undermine the power-structures controlling society, and the consequent reaction of the state in the form of violent persecution.

There is a community of individuals in this country, thousands strong. If only 1% of this country used psychedelics there would be 60,000 people being criminalised for having done nothing wrong.

This is a form of persecution, this is a form of persecution of a minority religious group, it is immoral and it has to stop. In the name of justice and fairness, Cognitive Liberty UK demands an end to this oppression by decriminalising LSD and Magic Mushrooms.

We term it ‘The American Inquisition’ because, quite frankly, this whole ‘drugs war’ catastrophe was caused by The United States. It is, in essence, a bi-product of America’s fetishistic puritanism: the same puritanism that has spawned these ‘moral panics’ and consequent brutal persecutions for thousands of years.

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