Call for Submissions – Psychedelic Press UK 2013 Vol.2

Psychedelic Press UK

The Chequered Sun by Edmond Griffith-Jones - Featured in PsypressUK 2012Psychedelic Press UK 2013 – Anthology of Pharmacography – has now been sent to sixteen countries around the world, and we would like to thank everyone for their gracious support. As a result, we have decided to press ahead with the next one, and are now welcoming written submissions to Psychedelic Press UK 2013 Vol.2.

The print anthology focuses on both psychedelic studies and culture in its content, blending analytical articles from both the humanities and sciences with creative non-fiction and alternative perspectives. Strictly speaking, it is the role, function and discourse of psychedelic/entheogenic drugs themselves, rather than a ‘psychedelic aesthetic’, which must underpin your work.

The deadline for submissions to PsypressUK 2013 Vol. 2 is June 30, 2013, with the intention to publish in September. Join our monthly mailing list for updates and reminders.

– Articles should be between 500 – 4000 words

– We do accept trip reports but they need to be of…

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