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It’s a class-A drug with some of the lowest risks/harms when compared to other drugs. It’s a class-A drug which therapists want to use to treat alcoholism, opiate-addiction and depression. Research has indicated again and again that it can be of great help to those dealing with the fear and anxiety of terminal illnesses. It’s most well-known effects are to encourage feelings of unity and love in relation to fellow man, to encourage religiosity and spirituality.

When we look at the motives people have for taking LSD, it should seem obvious that imprisoning them is a perversion of justice. People take LSD for spiritual revelation and healing, to bring about positive transformation in their lives. Whether or not this is a sensible approach to reaching those goals is an open question: but it should be clear that they have committed no moral wrong.

We are taking mystics and locking them up…

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Durability of Improvement in PTSD Symptoms and absence of harmful effects or drug dependency after MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy: A Prospective Long-Term Follow-up Study

From Journal of Psychopharmacology

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be a chronic, severely disabling condition. Existing pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments for PTSD are effective for many but not all sufferers, a need for research into a wider array of more effective treatments is widely recognized.  Over a decade ago, the authors conceived a study in an attempt to develop and test a novel therapy for PTSD. This follow up workreports very long-term outcome results in the original cohort demonstrating sustained benefit over time, no cases of subsequent drug abuse and no reports of neurocognitive declines. The impressive results indicate a favorable long-term risk/benefit ratio for PTSD treatment with a few doses of pure MDMA administered in a supportive setting in conjunction with psychotherapy.

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