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I found this old journal entry from 1994.  The first day I tried Mescaline.  Some of this is not even legible, but it deserves to be quoted word for word to stay honest to it’s original state.

“I tried a new drug at Springfest.  I dropped mescaline.  I had 8 hours of non stop laughter.  They say every time you drop acid you change.  I know I definitely changed, but I don’t think the drugs are what did it to me.  I think be at Alfred and my first year of college made me a whole new person.  I have new outlooks and perspectives on life, some good, some bad. Each one improved.  I think I’m doing way too many drugs, but I can definitely control it and there’s no way I’m addicted to anything.  I’m just having fun.  There is nothing wrong with that.”

A few years later I smoked crack.  I…

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