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1. What is Cognitive Liberty & Why Must We Defend It?

2. Psychedelics, Consumer-Capitalism, Power & Authority

3. Locking Up Mystics: The Basic Injustice of Anti-LSD Laws



Cognitive Liberty UK

The Question

“Why is Prozac legal, sometimes recommended by doctors, sometimes forced on patients who refuse to give consent, and LSD illegal?”

Why ask the Question?

  1. Prozac seems to have more severe and more probable side-effects than LSD
  2. LSD seems to have clinical applications in treating a variety of mental illnesses

1. Fluoxetine!(AKA: Prozac, Sarafem, Fontex)

The effects with the greatest difference from placebo are nausea (22% vs 9% for placebo), insomnia (19% vs 10% for placebo), somnolence (12% vs 5% for placebo), anorexia (10% vs 3% for placebo), anxiety (12% vs 6% for placebo), nervousness (13% vs 8% for placebo), asthenia (11% vs 6% for placebo) and tremor (9% vs 2% for placebo).

Similarly to other SSRIs, sexual side effects are common with fluoxetine; they include anorgasmia and reduced libido. Akathisia, that is inner tension, restlessness, and the inability to stay still, often accompanied by “constant pacing, purposeless…

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New research from the University of Alabama has found that “hallucinogen” use predicted a reduced likelihood of supervision failure (e.g. noncompliance with legal requirements including alcohol and other drug use. The results suggest that hallucinogens may promote alcohol and other drug abstinence and prosocial behavior in a population with high rates of recidivism.

The research can be found here:

It has been published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology (January, 2014)


Ayahuasca and Depression

The search for the divine is older than we can imagine.  It has been the focus of religious institutions for thousands of years and countless numbers of people have died as a result of their beliefs about the divine. I had done a lot of searching personally for my own connection to the divine before I attended my first ayahuasca ceremony and always had a somewhat cynical eye for organized religion.  The best parts of religion for me were those that talk about transcendence,  healing and our responsibilities to the natural world.  Unfortunately, these are often buried under mountains of dogma and misinterpretation. Nevertheless, I always believed that being spiritual was something ethereal, something “out there and beyond” that happened to people after years of meditation and self-discipline.  Ayahuasca showed me something entirely different.  My first experience with the plant medicine showed me unequivocally that there is divinity in nature and…

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