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Ayahuasca and Depression

The following is an excerpt from Kira Salak‘s experience with ayahuasca.  Kira is famous adventure traveler, author and an inspiration to those that seek clarity and healing in life.

In April 2004, I traveled on assignment to the Peruvian Amazon to take a shamanic tour. I was contracted to write an article for a major American publication about the growing interest in New Age tourism in the West. During this assignment, I experienced ayahuasca for the first time. Before the trip, I had absolutely no idea what ayahuasca was aside from what little I had dug up on the internet: the name was shorthand for a kind of special tea made from various boiled Amazonian plants. People claimed that the drinking of this concoction had resulted in profound physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. Specifically, members of the UDV church of Brazil regularly use ayahuasca as a sacrament during services, and there have been scientifically…

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