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Schreiner Achievement Showcase 2013

Student: Rheachel Ferguson

This research is aimed at drawing a correlation between Ayahuasca (naturally occurring plant found in Ecuadorian region) and heightened states of awareness while dreaming (lucid dreaming). The presentation will demystify the ancient tribal psychedelic as well as explain what lucid dreaming is, share how the ceremonial substance is conducive to reaching lucidity in sleep, as well as explain the reasons for wanting to achieve such a state of dreaming.

By using personal accounts from people who have participated in the consumption of Ayahuasca, sharing the history and new findings concerning the use of the herbal brew, and bringing in the new age use of Ayahuasca, I hope to dispel common reservations about the use psychedelic plants that are naturally occuring, Southern American culture and the growing desire to heal through the use of dreams.

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