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On the 26th of May Great Britain will become one of those most cognitively restrictive nations on the planet: the new ‘Psychoactive Substances Bill’ is coming into effect.

For the first time in human history a state has presumed not simply to prohibit mind-altering substances but to draw up a nice little list of the prescribed ‘officially sanctioned’ states of mind you are allowed access to. I contains a feeble selection of”permitted” drugs: tobacco (kills about 100k Brits per year), alcohol (also great), caffeine and a few others.

Apparently it’s okay to consume alcohol until it kills you but to possess anything else is a crime: it might be a rare ethnobotanical that has been used by shamans for tens of thousands of years, it might be a plant used as a sedative by the ancient Egyptians for thousands of years, or it might be the next breakthrough in neuropharmacology. “Whatever it is” it’s a criminal offense to sell it, or to own enough that you can be accused of selling it. Jail time?

The cognitive fascists. Not only are they content to systematically ban various potentials of human experience, now they seek to set up walls that limit the mind so obviously: “nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care…”. The citizens are so well socialised they know not how narrow their consciousness has become: work, money, buying, planning. Taking care of “the world of the five senses”, meanwhile propaganda has convinced them that the greatest gifts this species has in its possession are evil and dangerous.

The cognitive fascists. They are the witch-hunters of our age: followed in our time, they will be ridiculed by our descendants, seen for the con-artists they are. If you dare to use substances not owned by alcohol and tobacco companies (so that they can tax the people that facilitate your suicide) they will take you, they will arrest you,they will shut you away in a little box they call prison. That’s the kind of people who are running our country: those who want to put more of us in prison for daring to explore and expand our minds with psychedelics.

Nothing should remind the people of Britain of the extent to which they are objectified property of the state by the flagrant limiting of sovereignty over their very conscious minds. Are they your masters? To tell you what you can and can’t do with your own mind?

I think it’s incredibly revealing: how such ministers must see the power dynamic between themselves and the people of this country. Any politician who supports this bill is asserting their right to control your mind, even though many themselves have used the newly censored drugs themselves.

What democratic people would ever sanction such ludicrous impositions on their own freedom?
We are so obsessed with the sovereignty of this nation and so blinded to the metaphysical “land-grab” that is going to occur on the 26th of May, 2016.

On the 26th of March 2016 hundreds of mind-altering substances policy makers know little-to-nothing about will be made illegal. Many are not just drugs but keys to doors of experience that can transform and benefit this species and the people of this nation: doors the government wants firmly closed. Many such substances have been used by your ancestors for countless generations. Many are tools for the expansion of an ever shrinking human consciousness: psychologically programmed and genetically manipulated only to work, consume, and not kick up too much of a fuss.

“Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care…”

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