This site is dedicated to the reform of UK laws and policies that relate to the personal use of psychedelic drugs. The drugs focused on in this blog are LSD and magic mushrooms, though our driving principle is that of ‘cognitive liberty‘ – the idea that each of us has an inalienable freedom to explore our minds as we see fit, without the interference of external parties, so long as it doesn’t harm any one else.

Our primary purpose is to challenge the dominant discourses of fear and misinformation surrounding psychedelics. It is our view that the state-mandated discourse on psychedelics as ‘dangerous’ ‘hallucinogens’ is not in the interests of the population at large, nor does it cohere with the facts of the matter.

We hope to spread new research about the usefulness and safety of psychedelic drugs.

We also hope to defend the right to use psychedelics on the grounds that it is an important component to the spiritual and religious aspects of many users’ lives. It seems deeply sinister that the state should play a role in preventing access to a chemical which is known to cause spiritual/mystical experience – and yet that is precisely the situation as it stands.

In order to learn more about our basic positions and arguments, check out the articles below:


1. What is Cognitive Liberty & Why Must We Defend It?

2. Psychedelics, Consumer-Capitalism, Power & Authority

3. Locking Up Mystics: The Basic Injustice of Anti-LSD Laws

4. Pharmaceutical Hypocrisy: Prozac vs LSD

5. 10 Reasons to Legalise LSD in the UK

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