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Cognitive Liberty UK hopes to raise awareness of the injustices that result in current UK drug-policy. Our main concern is the current criminalisaion of psychedelic drugs: we feel that some of the currently banned psychedelics (such as psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD) have the potential to benefit both individuals and society and that it is a terrible injustice to imprison those who use such drugs responsibly for their own private spiritual ends.

We provide news about the psychedelic movement in the UK, news about research, academic conferences and events, and relevant local and international affairs. We offer a critical eye on the current politics surrounding the issue; we explore the history of the persecution of psychedelic drug-users, and the ideologies that underpin that history.

We also report on media affairs: the way in which the issues surrounding psychedelic drugs are represented in the media and the extent to which it enters mainstream media in any meaningful way.

Since the aim of this project is to raise awareness and encourage critical thinking, the best way to help us is to share the information you find on this site and encourage discussion and debate on the issues presented.

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Wikipedia: Anonymous refers to something or someone whose identity is not currently known.

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