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Where Spirit Stops

I found a very interesting, if dated, documentary about the use of Henbane by witches, focusing on its physical effects. Henbane is a poisonous plant of the nightshade family, thought to have been used traditionally as a flying ointment by witches to “cross the hedge” as hedgewitches say — to open the doorway to the spirit world. 

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I’ve blogged on this before. And will again. And again.

But the Tea Faerie, a contributor at Erowid, has written up an excellent piece.

Suffice to say- anyone who has done, and benefitted from MDMA, 2C-B, or virtually any phenethylamine or tryptamine has benefitted from the selfless work Sasha and his wife Ann have done over the past 5 decades.

And with MDMA currently showing astounding sucess in clinical trials treating PTSD in war veterans, rape victims, and victims of other trauma virtually everyone owes something to these people whether they recognize it or not.

It is rare to find people willing to give so much of themselves, for so long, and expect so little in return.  So please- give what you can.

I certainly know times are tough for many of us. But I am urging everyone I know (and have been for a while now) to try and…

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