10 Reasons to Legalise LSD in the UK

1) Leading scientists have consistently concluded that LSD is safer than tobacco, safer than alcohol, and safer than cannabis.

2) Academic study for accurate objective information on harm, risks, benefits and useful information, can occur.

3) Once legalised purity and thus safety can be more controlled.

4) Ability to integrate medical and mental health professionals to enhance safety.

5) Current scientific evidence suggests potential therapeutic use in treating numerous mental health issues, including: death anxiety in the terminally ill, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety disorders. Some studies have indicated LSD causes no dependancy and, in fact, can be used to treat alcoholism and drug-addiction with remarkable success.

6) Cultural, musical, artistic and creative benefits. Economic consequences.

7) Potential in facilitating scientific, intellectual and technological understanding.

8 ) LSD is safer and less-addictive than many psycho-active substances currently available on prescription for mental health conditions.

9) Religious, spiritual and moral benefits. LSD is associated with “mystical” and “spiritual” experience: peak experiences with positive transformative potential.

10) In the name of justice: continuing to lock up LSD users is not right since they have committed no moral wrong. It is natural for a human to want to explore their mind, no other person has the right to meddle in such a deeply personal affair.

  1. It is amazing the fear those three little letters, L S D still invoke. Arguably one of the safest drugs ever created, with potential to lead to so much more understanding of the human mind and condition. But it is not surprising that a substance known for “opening doors” and forcing one to look at themselves and the world in a new way should be so feared. We live in a world where too many can not handle having their beliefs challenged. It is far easier to believe one knows the answers, then to realize they aren’t even asking the right questions.

  2. Tim said:

    Totally agree man. Number ten hits the nail on the head. Happy tripping dudes!!!!

  3. Tim said:

    Also some of this legal shit that’s synthesised these days are the ones that should be made illegal. My friend totally freaked out on one of them but lsd caused no freak out and had a totally mind exploring trip. Whoever the drug commitee are, they have it wrong! The committee should be made up of drug users themselves. Telling us all their personal experiences

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